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What is Creative Muslim USA?

Welcome to my Blog!!

Assalam Alaikum

My name is Mohammad O Ahmad, and I am the main operator behind Creative Muslim USA. Creative Muslim USA is a Web Design brand that also provides other services that focus on supporting small businesses & startups.

Creative Muslim USA operates nationwide in the USA, and I have also worked with brands overseas such as Noor Corporate Health based in UAE.

How did Creative Muslim USA start?

The brand was founded in 2022, and is a re-brand of a business previously closed to focus on studies & other important work. In 2022, I re-branded and bought a few more services to the brand as well.

What we do

Creative Muslim USA provides design & marketing services to help small businesses & startups start and grow online.

In the near future, there will be more blogs on things related to websites & SEO etc.

We may also do a few Blogs on certain industries & the importance/benefits of adapting to the modern digital world for that industry.

Thanks for viewing our Blog.

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